Index file

Index file

Each Hereditas box contains an encrypted file named _index.

Encryption details

The index file is encrypted with AES-256-GCM, using the same key as the other files in the Hereditas box, and a unique IV of 12 bytes stored at the beginning of the encrypted file.

As a result of the usage of GCM, which is an authenticated cipher, the encryption step outputs an authentication tag too. This is stored inside the JavaScript file in cleartext and it’s used to certify that the index file’s content are authentic.


In celartext, the index file is a JSON document listing all files inside the Hereditas box. For example:

       "path": "",
       "dist": "043bd2a8986b5ed805737ab8",
       "size": 248,
       "display": "html",
       "tag": "VczD/yHW3XtcH2nNyt9Q4w==",
       "processed": "markdown"
       "path": "photo.jpg",
       "dist": "122c1a87b03db8793eb90d53",
       "size": 10181034,
       "display": "image",
       "tag": "Zsh42WN+iy05M6CaXtlhPA=="
       "path": "folder/passwords.pdf",
       "dist": "715f14d0479b455ed481af9f",
       "size": 60600,
       "display": "attach",
       "tag": "CjurYwY6KeeTrmJsKxdR1A=="

The JSON document is an array of objects each representing a file:

  • path: The original path of the file in the content folder
  • dist: Name of the encrypted file
  • size: The size of the original file, in bytes
  • display: Instructs the Hereditas web app on how to display the file. The generator determines this based on the file extension. Accepted values are:
    • html: Display the content as HTML fragment inside the page (for converted Markdown files)
    • text: Display the content as pre-formatted text, in a <pre></pre> HTML block (for text files)
    • image: Display the image inline (for images)
    • attach: Prompts to download the file
  • tag: The authentication tag for the encrypted file, as returned by the GCM cipher
  • processed: Contains information on how the file was pre-processed. If not present, it means the file wasn’t pre-processed. Possible values:
    • markdown: The Markdown file was converted to HTML