hereditas webhook:set

set the webhook URL used to notify of new logins


Hereditas configures Auth0 to send a notification when someone successfully authenticates into this Hereditas box. The notification can be used as a warning that the timer has started.

Notifications are sent by invoking a webhook, which can then trigger any action you desire. See the Hereditas documentation for examples and ideas on how to use this feature.

You can disable notifications by setting --url none when invoking this command.

After running this command, you will need to synchronize the changes on Auth0 with hereditas auth0:sync (it’s not necessary to re-build or re-deploy the box).

Example usage

hereditas webhook:set \
   --url "https://example.com/webhook/token/abc123XYZ"


Flag Type Required Default Value Description
string none webhook URL; set to "none" to remove